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    Complyrpedia is the knowledge base for businesses that are required to comply with California environmental regulations

California Environmental Wiki

Welcome to Complyrpedia!

Step-by-step instructions for California environmental tasks.

Complyrs Complyrpedia California Environmental Compliance Wiki


Welcome to Complyrpedia, the California environmental wiki. Complyrpedia is an offshoot of Complyrs, the California environmental  software. Complyrs was designed for busy people that are responsible for keeping businesses in compliance with California environmental regulations. We built software that breaks down common environmental programs into tasks and serves it up in a convenient interface. While building Complyrs, we realized that software was only part of the answer. Complyrs needed to provide instructions on how to complete tasks without having to look  elsewhere. (We are trying to make life easier, right?) As soon as we started writing articles, it was obvious that Complyrpedia should be available to anyone.  We hope you find it reduces the learning curve for California environmental tasks.


Complyrpedia, the California environmental wiki, has information on environmental agencies, programs and tasks. In addition, Complyrpedia has instructions on using Complyrs. Used in combination with a Complyrs subscription, you can easily manage your environmental tasks. As we said before, even if you don’t use Complyrs, (though we really hope you will give it a try) Complyrpedia has a wealth of  free useful information.
Complyrs is a synthesis of 17 years of consulting with California businesses at Rely Environmental. If you get into a bind and need help with completing tasks, our services are available. You can contact Rely Environmental here.


Finally, we have presented complicated environmental regulations as simply as possible. We hope it will help you comply with California environmental regulations. However, the simplification means it cannot address every circumstance. You may need to consult with an environmental professional, or an agency representative to determine the true extent of your compliance obligations. By using this site, you are agreeing to our terms of use.

What you will find here

Environmental Agencies

Complyrpedia, the California environmental wiki lists state and local agencies that you might interact with in your environmental programs. The entries include contact information and when available, include links to sites with information on agency geographic jurisdiction.

California Environmental Programs

The main function of this California environmental wiki is to provide short and concise “how-to” articles that focus on the actionable portions of environmental programs that California business owners are typically faced with. Complyrs has smart task management and templates included in the subscription. There is a free subscription option, as well as paid basic and premium plans. Each of the links below is a program in the program pages are links to required tasks for each program.

Using Complyrs Support Pages

Complyrpedia, the California environmental wiki also has a section of support pages to assist new users on the ins-and-outs of using Complyrs. There are pages on how to:

Complyrpedia Glossary

An environmental wiki would not be complete without the Complyrpedia glossary.  The environmental field is so full of special terms, jargon and acronyms, the glossary portion will help business owners understand their environmental compliance obligations.

Complyrpedia Wiki Entries

As you can imagine, putting all of this information together was a formidable task, and some of the articles are brief and to the point. I hope the brevity is not at the expense of clarity. If you find any content on this site confusing, or think it is wrong, sign in and add a comment. I will do my best to answer any questions you might have and update any content that is wrong, misleading or opaque.


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