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    Complyrpedia is the knowledge base for businesses that are required to comply with California environmental regulations

Unified Program Agencies



Unified Program Agencies were created in California to consolidate the implementation and enforcement of environmental regulations across the state. Previously, different local agencies implemented and interpreted regulations differently, making compliance difficult for the regulated community. That changed in 1993 with the passage of California Senate Bill 1082 (Calderon). The first Unified Program Agency was certified in 1996. Unified program agencies are required to standardize the implementation and enforcement of programs under their purview.
The mission of the Unified Program is to protect public health and safety, to restore and enhance environmental quality, and to sustain economic vitality through effective and efficient implementation of the Unified Program…CUPAs have statutory authority to require permits, inspect facilities, issue violations, and perform enforcement actions – including the authority to photograph any hazardous material or hazardous waste, container, container label, vehicle, waste treatment process, waste disposal site, or condition constituting a violation of law found during an inspection (California Health and Safety Code, Chapter 6.95, Section 25511(a) and Chapter 6.5, Section 25185(a)(5). – Wikipedia

Geographic Jurisdiction

There are 80 unified program agencies in California. Each is responsible for the administration and enforcement of one or more of the six regulatory programs under the UPA banner. Some geographic areas might have more than one UPA with different agencies taking responsibility for different programs. For example, in Los Angeles County, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works is responsible for the Underground Storage Tank Program and Los Angeles County Fire is responsible for the remainder of the UPA programs.

List of the 80 Unified Program Agencies in California.

  • Alameda County Environmental Health
  • Alpine County Health Department
  • Amador County Environmental Health
  • Anaheim City Fire Department
  • Bakersfield City Fire Department
  • Berkeley City Toxics Management Division\
  • Butte County Environmental Health\
  • Calaveras County Environmental Health
  • Colusa County Health and Human Services
  • Contra Costa County Health Services Department
  • Nevada County Environmental Health
  • Orange County Environmental Health
  • Oxnard Fire Department
  • Petaluma City Fire Department\
  • Placer County Environmental Health\
  • Plumas County Environmental Health
  • Riverside County Department of Environmental Health
  • Roseville City Fire Department
  • Sacramento County Environmental Management Department
  • San Benito County Health Department
  • San Bernardino County Fire Department
  • San Diego County Department of Environmental Health
  • San Francisco City & County Public Health Department
  • San Joaquin County Environmental Health
  • San Leandro City
  • San Luis Obispo County Environmental Health
  • San Mateo County Environmental Health
  • Santa Barbara County Environmental Health Services
  • Santa Clara City Fire Department
  • Santa Clara County Environmental Health
  • Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety
  • Sutter County Environmental Health
  • Tehama County Environmental Health
  • Trinity County – DTSC
  • Tulare County Environmental Health
  • Tuolumne County Environmental Health
  • Union City Environmental Programs
  • Ventura County Environmental Health
  • Vernon Health & Environmental Control Department
  • Victorville City Fire Department
  • Yolo County Environmental Health
  • Yuba County Environmental Health Department
  • Burbank Fire Department
  • Compton Fire Department
  • Corona Fire Department
  • Costa Mesa Fire Department
  • Culver City Fire Department
  • Downey Fire Department
  • Fountain Valley Fire
  • Fullerton City Fire Department
  • Huntington Beach Fire Department
  • Los Angeles County Department of Public Works
  • Los Angeles County Fire Department (La Habra)
  • Milpitas City Fire Department
  • Monrovia Fire Department
  • Mountain View Fire Department
  • Newport Beach City Fire Department
  • Orange City Fire Department
  • Palo Alto City Fire Department
  • Pasadena Fire Department
  • Redondo Beach Fire Department
  • Riverside City Fire Department
  • San Luis Obispo City Fire Department
  • Santa Clara County Fire Department
  • Torrance Fire Department
  • Ventura City Fire Department
  • US Environmental Protection Agency
  • California Air Resources Board
  • California Department of Toxic Substances Control
  • California Emergency Management Agency
  • California Environmental Protection Agency Partners
  • California Environmental Protection Agency (Unified Program)
  • Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment
  • Office of the State Fire Marshal
  • State Water Resources Control Board
  • Los Angeles County Agricultural Commissioner/Weights and Measures
  • California Department of Tax and Fee Administration
  • California Department of Public Health
  • County District Attorneys
  • California Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Activities Regulated

The unified program is a cooperative regulatory effort with several agencies contributing to the regulation of a number of programs:



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