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CERS: Above Ground Petroleum Storage Tank Facility Statement

The Aboveground Petroleum Storage Tank Facility Statement task is part of the Aboveground Petroleum Storage and CERS compliance programs on Complyrs.

APSA Facility Statement CERS ICON          APSA Facility Statement Aboveground Storage Tank ICON


This Complyrpedia article covers the facility statement requirements to comply with Aboveground Petroleum Storage Act.

Facilities that are subject to the Aboveground Petroleum Storage Act (APSA) must submit to CERS, an inventory of all containers subject to APSA. Following are instructions from the CERS website.


“You can meet APSA state reporting requirements by uploading a tank facility statement or by submitting a hazardous materials business plan.

  • To upload a tank facility statement, select the Browse button, locate the file on your computer to upload, provide a document title, and then select Save & Finish.
  • To meet the requirement by submitting a business plan, you must submit the Facility Information, Hazardous Materials Inventory, Site Map and Emergency Response and Training Plans submittal elements through CERS. To indicate that you are using your business plan to meet the APSA reporting requirement, select the Provided Elsewhere in CERS document option below, select Hazardous Materials Inventory, then click the Save button.
  • Facilities subject to APSA shall keep a copy of their SPCC plan onsite in the facility is normally attended at least four hours per day, or at the nearest field office if the facility is not so attended.
  • SPCC Plans are NOT required to be uploaded into CERS and, therefore, SPCC Plans should NOT be uploaded into CERS.
  • Your local CUPA may request that you upload additional documentation if shown below under “Local Reporting Requirements” information.
  • For additional information, please contact your CUPA.”

Link to APSA Tank Facility Statement.


Additional Tips

We advise that you review and update your APSA facility statement annually. If you know when the local Unified Program Agency (UPA) is going to inspect, a month before that time would be a good time to schedule that review.

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