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    Complyrpedia is the knowledge base for businesses that are required to comply with California environmental regulations

Add or Create a Business

Add Create a Business is a task in the CERS compliance program.

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All facilities must be assigned to a business in CERS. To create a business, you must first create the first facility that will be assigned to a business. 


Login to your CERS account 

(Go to the Create CERS Account page if you do not have an account)

Go to the “My Business” button

Add Create Business CERS

On the upper right side of the screen and click on “Select Business” from the drop down menu.

Select “Add a new facility/business” button

Add Create Business CERS

In the middle-upper right side of the next page click on the “Add a new facility/business” button.

CERS will prompt you to “Add New Facility”

Add Create Business CERS

Provide Address,” including city and zip code. Even if you are creating a new business, complete this for one of the facilities that belong to the business. You will have the opportunity to assign the facility to a new business on the next page.


Name the new facility

On the next page you can name the facility and assign it to an existing business or create a new business.

Create a new business

Add Create Business CERS

To create a new business, select “Add New Business to CERS” and click on “continue.”

Provide name and details for the business

The next page “Add New Facility: Add your Business/Organization to CERS,” lets you provide a name and details for the business that the new facility will be added to.

You will need to give a contact number for the business and provide a title the account you are working from will have in the new business.

Please also note the instructions:

* Single-facility Businesses: If your business will report on only one facility, your CERS Business Name should be the same as your facility name.

* Multi-facility Businesses: Please modify your CERS Business/Organization Name to something applicable to all of your facilities, typically your corporate/legal name. Once your have established your CERS Business, you can add additional facilities and/or users as necessary.


Add Create Business CERS

Confirm the added facility

Add Create Business CERS

Finally, you will get a confirmation page that shows that the facility has been competed.

Add Create Business CERS
You can confirm the facility has been added under the correct business by going back to “My Business” and clicking on “Select Business” to review the businesses and facilities on your account.
Add Create Business CERS
If you open up one of the businesses, it will list the facilities that belong to it.

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