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CERS: Business Owner/Operator Identification

The Business Owner/Operator Identification task is part of the California Environmental Reporting System compliance program.
CERS Icon Business Owner/Operator Identification


The CERS Business Owner/Operator Identification form is used to identify persons responsible for the hazardous materials onsite. If there is a change in personnel, this form must be updated within 30 days. To get to the “Business Owner/Operator Identification” form, login to CERS and navigate to the facility you want to work on.
CERS Facility Information Owner/Operator Identification
Then select “Start/Edit Submittal.” Then select “Edit” to the right of “Business Owner/Operator Identification.”


CERS operator identification

The identification section is self-explanatory. The primary operator of the facility must be named and accurate contact information must be included. The beginning date should be when the operator took over the facility. If the ownership of the business changes hands, then an ending date is applicable. Dun and Bradstreet numbers can be obtained here. (This is an optional field, since all businesses are not required to have a Dun and Bradstreet number.) SIC and NAICS codes are numbers that identify categories of business activities. SIC codes can be found here. NAICS codes can be found here.

Contact Information

The emergency contacts are the people to be contacted in the event of an emergency involving hazardous materials at the business site. From the CERS website:
“The contact shall have FULL facility access, site familiarity, and authority to make decisions for the business regarding incident mitigation. Phone number for primary emergency contact which is answered 24 hours a day and, if not the contact’s home phone number, then the service answering the phone must be able to immediately contact the above stated individual. (Area code + 7 digit phone number + extension.)”
The environmental contact is the individual at the facility with the primary administrative responsibility for the environmental program at the site.

CERS Contact information

Signature and Preparer Name

CERS document signer and preparer 

The bottom section identifies the person signing the page.
From CERS:
“The signer certifies to a familiarity with the information submitted and that based on their inquiry of those individuals responsible for obtaining the information, all the information submitted is true, accurate and complete.”

The document preparer is the “Full name of person who prepared the submittal information.”

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