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CERS: Site Map

The Site Map is a task in the Hazardous Materials portion of the California Environmental Reporting System compliance program.

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Most CERS submissions will require a Site Plan. If you have trade secrets or other confidential information about your facility, and you want it shielded from public access, you can create a Storage Map, in addition to the Site Plan. The purpose of the Site Plan and Storage Map is to provide information about hazards present at a facility to emergency responders in the event of an emergency.  A Site Plan and Storage Map must be included with your Hazardous Materials Business Plan (HMBP) and it must be updated whenever there are changes to any of the required information listed below.

Differences between Site Plans and Storage Maps

The Site Plan is a public document. The Storage Map is confidential. The two elements are commonly combined. However, the resulting document will be available for public disclosure.

Required elements

Site Plan

The Site Plan (public document): is a schematic view of a facility. It must contain, at a minimum, the following information:

a. An indication of North Direction;
b. Approximate scale (e.g., “1 inch = 10 feet”.).
c. Date the map was drawn.
d. All streets bordering the facility.
e. Locations of all buildings and other structures.
f. Parking lots and internal roads.
g. Hazardous materials loading/unloading areas.
h. Outside hazardous materials storage or use areas.
i. Storm drain and sanitary sewer drain inlets.
j. Wells for monitoring of underground tank systems.
k. Primary and alternate evacuation routes, emergency exits, and primary and alternate staging areas.
l. Locations of fire extinguishers, first aid kits, and defibrillators.

Storage Map

The Storage Map (confidential document) must include the following:

  1. General purpose of each section/area within each building (e.g., “Office Area”, “Manufacturing Area”,
    b. Location of each hazardous material/waste storage, dispensing, use, or handling area (e.g., individual fix spacing
    underground tanks, aboveground tanks, storage rooms, paint booths, etc.). Each area shall be identifiable fix spacing
    by a Grid Number, to be used in item 204 on the Hazardous Materials Inventory – Chemical Description fix spacing
    pages of the Business Plan; fix spacing
    c. For tanks, the capacity limit in gallons and common name of the hazardous material contained in each fix spacing
    d. Entrances to and exits from each building and hazardous material/waste room/area;
    e. Location of each utility emergency shut-off point (i.e., gas, water, electric.);
    f. Location of each monitoring system control panel (e.g., underground tank monitoring, toxic gas
    monitoring, etc.).

The requirements of both documents can be consolidated onto a single document that will be called the Site Plan. The Site Plan will not be confidential.

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