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Annual Commercial Stormwater Training

Annual Commercial Stormwater Training is a task in the Complyrs Commercial Stormwater Compliance Program.

Annual Commercial Stormwater Training


For a stormwater compliance program to be effective, personnel must be trained on, the causes of and how to prevent, stormwater pollution. Most jurisdictions require annual commercial stormwater training. The training can be restricted to individuals that conduct tasks that affect stormwater quality. However, since stormwater pollution is effected by many routine activities, it is advised to provide training for all staff.

Annual Commercial Stormwater Training Contents

Stormwater training  topics should be based on the requirements in the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP). Specifically, what is required by the Best Management Practices (BMPs) that are indicated therein. In addition, any deficiencies observed during an inspection or BMP review should be included to prevent further occurrences. Other topics that should be covered as part of annual commercial stormwater training include:

  • Explanation of which activities have potential to cause stormwater pollution.
  • Explanation of BMPs to be implemented to prevent stormwater pollution.
  • The location of stormdrains (on and offsite) that receive runoff from the site.
  • The flow paths to the stormdrains.
  • The location of spill kits to be used to prevent non-stormwater discharges.
  • Required housekeeping (keeping dumpsters closed, regular cleaning of impervious surfaces).
  • Instructions to not hose down areas to clean, unless water recovery is implemented.
  • Instructions to use dry sweeping techniques to keep outside areas clean.

Recording Annual Commercial Stormwater Training

Training must be documented to show compliance. Keep records of:

  • The name of the trainer.
  • Names of training attendees.
  • Topics covered during training.

Keep training records for at least five years.

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