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Hazardous Materials Storage Inspection

The Hazardous Materials Storage Inspection is a recommended task in the Hazardous Materials Program on Complyrs.

Hazardous materials storage inspection


Facilities that store hazardous materials on-site, are advised to conduct monthly hazardous materials storage inspections of the types, storage conditions, and quantities. Hazardous materials storage inspections should include the following:

Hazardous Materials Inspection points

  • Area free of spills and leaks.
  • Proper secondary containment.
  • Containment clean.
  • Container conditions sound.
  • Containers labeled.
  • Incompatibles segregated.
  • Equipment and materials outside stored properly.
  • Inspector’s initials.


Complyrs has developed a checklist for conducting hazardous materials storage inspection. Get a free copy by signing up for a Complyrs account.


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