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Complete annual Electronic Verification Questionnaire

The Complete annual Electronic Verification Questionnaire task is part of the Hazardous Waste compliance program on Complyrs.

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Hazardous waste handlers are required to verify their hazardous waste ID number information per Health & Safety Code section 25205.16.  In addition, hazardous waste handlers who have 50 or more employees are required to pay an annual ID number verification fee levied on a sliding scale based on the number of employees.  Hazardous waste generators are also required to pay a fee of $7.50 for each hazardous waste manifest they use (Health and Safety Code section 25205.15), except that, for those generators with less than 100 employees, the first four manifests used in the calendar year are free.  Manifests used solely for recycled waste are exempt.  The fee for manifests used solely for hazardous waste derived from air compliant solvents is $3.50.

Any generator, transporter, or facility operator who fails to provide information required by the department to verify the accuracy of hazardous waste activity data shall be subject to suspension of any and all identification numbers assigned and to any other enforcement action (Health & Safety Code section 25205.16(c)).  -(DTSC website)

Verification questionnaires are now done electronically

No more paper returns!  DTSC has transitioned to an online reporting system for the annual Verification Questionnaire and hazardous waste manifest fees assessment.  The electronic Verification Questionnaire (eVQ) offers a fast and convenient process for verifying your ID number information and calculating your ID verification and hazardous waste manifest fees. -(DTSC website)

Signing up for and using the California Electronic Verification Questionnaire (EVQ)

The DTSC has a step-by-step instructional guide to walk you through the EVQ signup and reporting functions.


EVQ signup and reporting page

DTSC, Hazardous Waste ID Number Verification Questionnaire


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