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    Complyrpedia is the knowledge base for businesses that are required to comply with California environmental regulations

IGP Annual Employee Training

The IGP Annual Employee Training task is part of the Complyrs Industrial Stormwater Compliance program.

Industrial Stormwater ICON Stormwater Sampling


Facilities covered by the Industrial General Permit (IGP) are required to implement an annual employee training program.


Employee Training Requirements

Permittees must establish and implement an annual employee training program for team members that includes:

  • The pollutants of concern for the facility. (Both from materials found on site and for any 303(d) impairments of receiving waters.)
  • Implementing best management practices (BMPs) to control pollutants.
  • Evaluating BMP effectiveness.
  • Conducting visual observations, and monitoring activities.
  • Correct sample collection and handling.
  • How to use SMARTS to properly report data.

Conduct IGP employee training annually.

In addition, keep annual employee training records on-file for at least five years.

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