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Monthly Climate Data Report

Monthly Climate Data Report task is part of the Complyrs Industrial Stormwater Compliance Program.

Industrial Stormwater ICON Monthly Climate Report


Creating a monthly climate data report is not explicitly required in the California Industrial General Permit (2014-0057-DWQ). However, if you have not collected samples during a given month it is a good idea to provide documentation of rainfall in your area.

Generating a Monthly Climate Data Report

There are multiple solutions for generating a monthly climate data report. One solution is to use Weather Underground.

An even easier way is to sign up for StormLogger, a service that will automatically generate your climate data reports and deliver them to you by email.

Find a nearby weather station.

Weather Underground Home Page Find Location Monthly Climate Data Report

On the home page in the upper right hand corner is a field where you can put location information to find a nearby weather station.

Select “History.”

Monthly Climate Data Report Select History on Weather Underground

Select “Monthly”, the month and year and press “View.”

Monthly Climate Report Select Monthly Weather Underground

Print the monthly weather report page.

Monthly Climate Report Weather Underground

Review the “Precipitation” column.

Monthly Climate Report Weather Underground Account for rain events

Make sure you can account for days that had more than 0.1″ of precipitation. The facility should have either:

  • A stormwater runoff sample
  • Documentation that the event was not a qualifying storm event because:
    • It occurred within 48 hours of a previous qualifying event.
    • It occurred after normal business hours.
    • The rain event started more than 12 hours before the beginning of business the next day.
  • Your facility has already collected samples from two qualifying storm events during the current sampling period.

Upload the Document to Complyrs

Complyrs makes it easy to keep track of all of your compliance management documents. You can attach your Monthly Climate Data Report to the Monthly Climate Data Report Task.

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