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Submit Annual Report

The Submit Annual Report task is part of the Complyrs Industrial Stormwater Compliance program.

Industrial Stormwater ICON Submit Annual Report


Facilities must submit a Stormwater Annual Report to the Stormwater Multiple Application, Reporting and Tracking System (SMARTS).

  • Permittees are required to certify and submit an Annual Report no later than July 15 following for the prior reporting year on SMARTS. (Example: the report due on July 15, 2018 covers January 1, 2018 to December 31 2018.)
  • The Annual Report requires the permittee to submit answers to the following questions:
    1. Has the Discharger maintained records on-site for the reporting year?
    2. Has the Discharger conducted monthly visual observations during the reporting year?
    3. Has the Discharger conducted sampling events with visual observations at each discharge location where a sample was obtained?
    4. Were the required number of samples taken during the reporting year?
    5. How many discharge locations are at the facility?
    6. Has the Discharger chosen to select Alternative Discharge Locations in accordance with the IGP?
    7. Has the Discharger reduced the number of sampling locations in accordance with the IGP?
    8. What potential pollutants are present at the facility?
    9. Has the discharger included the above pollutants in the SWPPP pollutant source assessment and assessed the need for laboratory analysis?
    10. Were all samples collected in accordance with the IGP?
    11. Has any contained stormwater been discharged from the facility this reporting year? (Have any ponds or secondary containment structures overflowed and entered the stormwater conveyance system?)
    12. Has the Discharger conducted one annual evaluation during the reporting year?
    13. Has the Discharger maintained records on site for the reporting year in accordance with the IGP?
  • The Annual Report requires an explanation for any non-compliance of requirements within the reporting year
  • Certification that the Annual Comprehensive Facility Compliance Evaluation (Annual Evaluation) was completed.
  • The Annual Report can be entered by any SMARTS user that is linked to the facility but can only be certified and submitted by the Legally Responsible Person (LRP) or Duly Authorized Representative (DAR) with a valid eAuthorization form on file.

Instructions for Submitting Stormwater Annual Reports to SMARTS

Instructions for submitting stormwater sample results can be found on the State Water Resource Control Board (SWRCB) website: Industrial Stormwater Annual Report Guide

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