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Submit Stormwater Sample Results

The Submit Stormwater Sample Results task is part of the Complyrs Industrial Stormwater Compliance program.

Industrial Stormwater ICON Submit SWPPP


Facilities must submit stormwater sample results to the Stormwater Multiple Application, Reporting and Tracking System (SMARTS).

  • Submit results to SMARTS within 30 days.
  • The stormwater sample report to SMARTS must include the method detection limit. Do not report a zero value.
  • Analytical results from samples that are below the reporting limit, but above the method detection limit must be reported.
  • SMARTS automatically conducts averaging as required by the General Permit .
  • Smarts will calculate averages as required by the IGP.
  • SMARTS will assign a value of zero (0) for results less than the method detection limit.

Instructions for Submitting Stormwater Sample Results to SMARTS

Instructions for submitting stormwater sample results can be found on the State Water Resource Control Board (SWRCB) website: Sampling Results (Ad Hoc Report)

Complyrs also has a QSE Sampling Guide that includes instructions on loading sample results to SMARTS.


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