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Monthly Visual Observation Reports

Monthly Visual Observation Reports task is part of the Complyrs Industrial Stormwater Compliance Program.

Industrial Stormwater ICON Monthly Visual Observation Reports


Facilities that are subject to the California Industrial General Permit (IGP) are required to conduct a monthly visual inspection and prepare a report.

Monthly Visual Observation Reports

The IGP requires Monthly Visual Observation Reports must include the following:

a. At least once per calendar month, the Discharger shall visually observe each drainage area for the following:

i. The presence or indications of prior, current, or potential unauthorized non-stormwater discharges and their sources;
ii. Authorized NSWDs, sources, and associated BMPs to ensure compliance with Section IV.B.3; and,  Industrial General Permit Order Order 2014-0057-DWQ 38
iii. Outdoor industrial equipment and storage areas, outdoor industrial activities areas, BMPs, and all other potential source of industrial pollutants.

b. The monthly visual observations shall be conducted during daylight hours of scheduled facility operating hours and on days without precipitation.
c. The Discharger shall provide an explanation in the Annual Report for uncompleted monthly visual observations.

Complyrs Visual Observation Report Form

Complyrs has a free Visual Observation Report form. Just sign up for an account here, navigate to the Visual Observation Report Form task and download it from the attached documents.


Water Quality Order 2014-0057-DWQ


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