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Medical Waste Management Plan

The Medical Waste Management Plan task is part of the Medical Waste compliance program on Complyrs.

Medical Waste ICON Management Plan


Medical Waste Management Plans (MWMPs) are documents that state formally how a facility will handle, treat, and dispose medical waste. Plans must contain the following elements:

  1. Facility information
  2. Responsible persons
  3. Types of wastes generated and estimates of amounts
  4. Treatment methods (if applicable)
  5. Emergency Action Plan
  6. Identification of waste haulers
  7. Closure method

The California Department of Public Health provides a checklist to assist medical waste generators with completing a MWMP that conforms to requirements. The San Diego County Department of Environmental Health also provides a template that can assist you in preparing a MWMP.

Large quantity medical waste generators (LQG) must complete a MWMP annually.

Small quantity medical waste generators (SQG) that treat their medical waste on site must also complete a MWMP. SQG that do not treat their medical waste on site are not required to complete a Medical Waste Management Plan.



California Department of Public Health: Medical Waste Management Program

Medical Waste Management Plan Checklist

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