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Additional Emergency Diesel Engine Tasks

The Additional Emergency Diesel Engine Tasks is part of the Stationary Emergency Diesel Engine program.

Emergency Diesel Generator ICON Conduct Annual Engine Maintenance


Local air districts may require owners and operators of emergency diesel engines to follow additional requirements, to ensure each engine is minimized as a pollution source. Some local air districts require verification of the following:

  • Annual engine maintenance
  • Use of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (USLD)
  • Engine manual on-site

Read your permit and check with your local air district to determine if a facility must comply with these or other requirements.

Annual Maintenance

To ensure diesel engine emission control systems are working as designed, 17 CCR 93115 requires all engines to be maintained at least annually. If facility staff conduct this maintenance, it must be done according to the annual maintenance requirements outlined in the engine’s operation and maintenance manual. If an outside vendor conducts the service, it can be done according to their standard annual maintenance specification.

Maintain the work order for emergency generator annual maintenance OR a checklist of maintenance activities conducted as per the engine maintenance manual. Either of these documents will need to be dated to prove compliance.


Obtain Proof of ULSD Use

All diesel engines in California must use ultra-low-sulfur diesel (ULSD). This formulation of diesel fuel cannot exceed 50 parts-per-million (ppm) sulfur. Sulfur not only contributes to the toxicity of diesel exhaust, but also fouls emission control systems used on modern diesel engines. Former formulations of diesel fuel typically contained 200 ppm sulfur.

Documentation of proof of use can typically be done by keeping a copy of a fuel purchase receipt that shows the fuel is ULSD. Keeping an SDS of ULSD on-site in conjunction with a fuel purchase receipt can be used to show the actual composition of the fuel if that comes into question.


Engine Operation and Maintenance Manual

A copy of the ENGINE (not the generator) operation and maintenance manual should be kept on site to ensure proper operation and maintenance of the engine.


Documenting Compliance

Complyrs has a free Emergency Diesel Engine Inspection form available if you sign up for an account.

Emergency Generator Inspection Form


California Air Resources Board: Stationary Diesel Engine ATCM

California Local Air District Directory


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