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Finding Schools Near an Emergency Diesel Engine

Find Schools Near Stationary Emergency Diesel Engine is a task in the Complyrs Stationary Emergency Diesel Engine Program.


Emergency diesel generators are not allowed to operate during certain hours if they are near a school. Complyrs has a feature to easily check if your facility is near a school.

Note: This tool should be used as an initial screening tool to see if there are schools near an emergency generator. Additional verification should include:

  • If new schools or school boundaries have been added that are not represented on the map.
  • The generator is located away from the street address, thus making the map inaccurate.

How close to a school does a stationary engine need to be to trigger operation limitations?

According to 17 CCR 93115, the state regulation for stationary emergency engines, 500 feet. Your local air district may be more strict and the distance may be larger. Check your permit conditions and contact your local air district to determine the allowable distance.

What counts as a school?

According to 17 CCR 93115.4 (67) “School” or “School Grounds” means any public or private school used for purposes of the education of more than 12 children in kindergarten or any of grades 1 to 12, inclusive, but does not include any private school in which education is primarily conducted in a private home(s). “School” or “School Grounds” includes any building or structure, playground, athletic field, or other areas of school property but does not include unimproved school property.

How to use the tool

Select "Facility" in Complyrs.
Select “Facility” in Complyrs.

After logging into Complyrs, select “Facility” from the left hand menu.

Select "Actions" in Facility view.
Select “Actions” in Facility view.

In the “Facility” view, select the blue “Actions” button on the top right side of the page.

Find schools near facility Complyrs Emergency Diesel Generators
Find schools near facility.

A menu with actions applicable to facilities will appear. Select the “Find schools near facility” option.

If a schools falls within the designated radius, the outline of the school grounds will highlight.

Note: By default, the tool places the center of the search circle at the street address. For purposes of compliance, the center of the circle should be the location of the generator exhaust. The location of the center of the circle can be moved by editing the latitude and longitude in the fields near the bottom of the map. 

Note: Other nearby schools will also shown as pins on the map.


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