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Record emergency generator operational hours

The record generator operational hours task is part of the Stationary Emergency Diesel Engine program.


To reduce toxic exhaust from stationary diesel engines, 17 CCR 93115 limits the hours of non-emergency operation, according to the particulate matter (PM) emission factors of the engine. These limits are summarized in the table below:

Table of emergency hours allowed by 17 CCR 93115
Table of emergency hours allowed by 17 CCR 93115

To verify compliance with 17 CCR 93115, facilities must record emergency generator operational hours at least monthly.

Operational log requirements

Engine operation logs should contain the following information at a minimum:

  • Name of engine
  • Day of operation
  • Time of operation
  • Duration of operation
  • Type of operation (testing and maintenance, emergency, or “other”)*.

Complyrs sample log

Complyrs Stationary Emergency Diesel Engine Usage Log
Complyrs Stationary Emergency Diesel Engine Usage Log

PLEASE read your permit to see if any additional information is required as part of monthly record-keeping. An example log can be found here.

*NOTE: some air districts define emergency operation very strictly. If the engine runs because of a power failure in the building, the automatic transfer switch (ATS) does not switch back to utility power, these may need to be reported as a “breakdown.” One such air district is the San Diego APCD. Their breakdown procedure can be found here.


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