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Annual UST Employee Training

The Annual UST Employee Training task is part of the Underground Storage Tank compliance program.


Employee training is required for all employees responsible at California Underground Storage Tank (UST) facilities are trained by an International Code Council (ICC) certified California Underground Storage Tank Designated Operator. The “Designated underground storage tank operator”, as defined in 23 CCR 2611,  is not the same as the “Owner” as defined in 23 CCR 2610. Or, the “Operator” as defined in  Chapter 6.7 of Division 20 of the Health and Safety Code. Training must be provided for any and all employees before they are assigned to a job that would make them responsible for responding to an alarm or emergency of the UST system.


UST Training Requirements

The specifications here reflect the changes that went into effect on October 13th, 2018. The scope of the work for training includes:

  • Employee training must include site-specific practical demonstrations and information for responding to emergencies, leak detection monitoring alarms, spills, and overfills associated with operating the UST system and must include, but is not limited to, the following:
    • The operation of the underground storage tank system in a manner consistent with the facility’s best management practices.
    • The facility employee’s role with regard to the monitoring equipment as specified in the facility’s monitoring plan.
    • The facility employee’s role with regard to spills and overfills as specified in the facility’s response plan.
    • The name of the contact person(s) for emergencies and monitoring equipment alarms.
  • At least one of the facility employees present during operating hours shall have current training in accordance with paragraph (1) above. For facilities that are not routinely staffed, the designated UST operator shall implement a facility employee training program approved by the local agency.

Note: Employee UST Training must be conducted every 12 months by a Designated UST Operator assigned to the site using Designated Underground Storage Tank Operator Identification Form on CERS.


Training Records

  • A list of facility employees trained by the designated UST operator(s), shall be maintained on-site and provided to the local agency upon request. The list shall include the dates of training for all facility employees, and the hiring dates for all facility employees hired on or after July 1, 2005.
  • The designated UST operator(s) shall provide a signed “Facility Employee Training Certificate,” (see below) to the owner or operator for employees that have received training. The certificates shall be maintained on-site and made available on request.
  • Maintain these records for 36 months.


Employee Training form.

DUSTO Employee Training Form

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