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UST Monitoring Site Plan

the UST Monitoring Site Plan is a task in the Underground Storage Tank (UST) portion of the  California Environmental Reporting System  compliance program.

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The UST Monitoring Site Plan is a schematic that shows the tanks, sumps, dispensers, and piping. It also shows the locations of the monitoring console and all UST sensors. Usually, the contractor that conducts the annual monitoring certification prepares this schematic as part of the submission for the agency. You should be able to use the schematics page from your last monitoring certification and submit it to CERS to fulfill the UST Monitoring Site Plan task. However, you should first review it to make sure it includes all of the following:

  • Relative locations of all USTs.
  • Locations of all tank top sumps.
  • Location of all transition sumps (including vent riser sumps).
  • Location of all dispensers.
  • Location of all piping.
  • Location, make, and model of the monitoring console(s).
  • Location, make,  and model of all sensors.

(Note: Label this drawing as a schematic and “Not suitable for planning construction or excavation”).


The link to the template for the monitoring site plan on CERS is dead. However, San Diego County has a live version of the UST Monitoring Site Plan template.

Example of UST Monitoring Site Plan

UST Monitoring Site Plan Example

Uploading the Plan to CERS

First Login to CERS and Navigate to the UST Monitoring Site Plan Submission.

Then use the dialog box to select and upload your site plan.


UST Monitoring Site Plan Upload form on CERS

Annual Renewal Requirements

This form only needs to be changed when there have been changes to the UST and/or UST monitoring system. If there have been changes to the system, contact the contractor who conducted the work and obtain a revised UST Monitoring Site Plan or get enough information to make the changes yourself.

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