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Facility Operating Permit Application

The UST Facility Operating Permit Application is a task in the Underground Storage Tank portion of the California Environmental Reporting System compliance program.

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The UST Facility Operating Permit Application is essentially a contact sheet for facilities that own and/or operate USTs. The instructions for this page includes: 

You must complete this form withing 30 days of all new permits, permit changes, or facility information changes. You will also need to update/confirm your tank, monitoring plan, and other pertinent UST-related forms. All facilities must provide a UST Board of Equalization Number–valid numbers are 8 digits long starting with the numbers 44 State and federal facilities should use 44032062. If ALL underground tanks at your facility ONLY contain NON-petroleum productions, you can provide this generic BOE Number: 44000000. The former paper version of this form was called “UST Operating Permit Application-Facility Information” (Form A). More information about UST Financial Responsibility Mechanisms is available at the Water Board’s Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund Financial Responsibility web page. – (CERS Website)


First, sign-in to CERS.

And navigate to the UST Facility Operating Permit Application page.

CERS UST Operating Permit Application link

Fill out the top section

That includes:
  • Type of Action
  • Facility Information
  • Tank Operator
  • Property Owner
  • Tank Owner

CERS UST Permit Application Type of Action

CERS UST Permit Application Information

Indicate which entity holds the UST permit.

CERS UST Permit Holder Info

Indicate the Financial Responsibility Mechanisms used.

CERS UST Permit Application Financial Responsibility

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