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    Complyrpedia is the knowledge base for businesses that are required to comply with California environmental regulations

Universal Waste Removal

Universal Waste removal is a task that is part of the Universal Waste Compliance Program on Complyrs.
Universal Waste ICON Removal


Universal wastes removal is required to be in compliance with state and federal regulations. In most cases, the allowed retention time for universal waste generators in California is one year. Proving waste retention time is done by properly labeling universal waste.  Universal waste can be removed and taken to any of the following:

  • Another handler (typically a business that specializes in collecting, storing, accumulating and shipping universal wastes). Examples:
  • Household hazardous waste facility
  • “Take-it-Back Partner” such as a retailer or manufacturer collection event
  • Universal waste transporter. Examples:
  • Curbside HHW collection program
  • Package service (e.g., postal service, UPS)
  • Destination facility that offers a pick-up service
  • Universal waste destination facility

Universal wastes do not require a special licence to remove or transport.


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