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Vapor Recovery


Gasoline vapor recovery systems collect vapors from vehicle and storage tanks to prevent the formation of smog.

The California Air Resources Board’s (CARB) Vapor Recovery Program controls vapor emissions from gasoline marketing operations (gasoline dispensing facilities or service stations, tanker trucks (cargo tanks), bulk plants, and terminals), where gasoline vapor is a precursor to the formation of ozone and contains benzene, a constituent of gasoline vapor that has been identified as a toxic air contaminant” (California Air Resources Board Website).

Regulatory Agencies

Program Inclusion Conditions

Operation of a facility that transfers gasoline from storage tanks to vehicles, with some exceptions, are required to participate in the Vapor Recovery Program..

Required Tasks

What to Expect During an Inspection

Inspections by local air district staff often occur during vapor recovery equipment tests.

In addition to observing the test to verify it is being done correctly, the inspector will usually:

  • Verify  that the vapor recovery system permit is current and that t it accurately reflects on-site equipment.
  • Review In Station Diagnostic (ISD) records to verify alarms were responded to correctly and that the system was not compromised.
  • Review gasoline throughput records to ensure  compliance with permit conditions.
  • Review any  inspection and repair logs[glossary], which must be maintain.

If the vapor recovery system fails to pass all tests, or record-keeping is not correct, or the vapor recovery system and ISD system has been tampered with a [glossary]Notice of Violation may be issued.

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California Air Resources Board: Vapor Recovery


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