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Medical Waste Questionnaire


The Medical Waste Questionnaire is used to generate the seed data to set up a facility’s Medical Waste program on Complyrs.

Most of this information will be pre-populated if you use EasyCERS.

Medical Waste Questionnaire

Login to Complyrs and navigate to the Program Questionnaires.

Select “Activate” on the Medical Waste program.

Complyrs Activate Medical Waste
Press the “Activate” button on the Medical Waste portion of the Programs page.

Select “Guide Me” on the Medical Waste program page.

Complyrs Medical Waste Guide Me
Select “Guide Me.”

Answer the questions.

Complyrs Medical Waste Questions
Answer the Medical Waste questions.

Question: Does your facility generate Medical Waste?

Complyrs Medical Waste Questions

If you answer “Yes”, an additional question will appear.

Question: Does the facility generate more than 200 lbs of medical waste in a month?

Complyrs Medical Waste Questions

If available provide the last completion date of Medical Waste Management Plan.

Complyrs date of Medical Waste Management Plan
If available provide the completion date of the Medical Waste Management Plan.

If you answer “Yes” to the second question, you will be given the option to provide a completion date of the Medical Waste Management Plan. If it is not available, select the “Requirement has not been completed before” option.

Press the “Generate Tasks” button.

Complyrs Medical Waste Questions
Press the “Generate Tasks” button.

Generated tasks confirmation message

Complyrs Tasks generated confirmed
A green band will appear at the top of the questionnaire confirming that tasks have been generated. You can also select “View Facility Tasks.”

If you select “View Facility Tasks” you will go to the “Facility” page, where you can review the new Medical Waste program tasks. If you select “View All Tasks” you will be taken to the “Task” page and all tasks for all facilities will be displayed.

Review tasks in “Facility” view.

Task view Complyrs
In the facility view, you can review the tasks created by completing the questionnaire.

The Facility page displays tasks in a variety of ways.


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